Full amnesty extends to Akhmed Chataev
14/01/2013 14:31

Amnesty completely applies to Akhmed Chataev who was involved in the Lopota gorge case. As agency Pirveli was told by Chataev’s lawyer Nino Andriashvili, to this day she does not know whether Chataev will take advantage of the amnesty or whether he continues his fight in court.

According to Andriashhvili, the process regarding the Chataev case should have been taken place in the Tbilisi city court on January 11th but the prosecutor’s side could not present witnesses.

“Prosecutor’s office delays hearing of the case on purpose. They waited for the amnesty law to come into effect that extended to Chataev as well, in order to avoid revealing what really happened there and who was a criminal in this case. I have stated this position in the court
but the judge agreed with the prosecutor’s appeal and gave them another chance to present witnesses. The process scheduled for January 18th will not be held. And by that time the law on amnesty will come into effect and free Chataev. So far I do not know whether Chataev will agree to the amnesty law extending on him or whether he continues his case in the court. It is his decision. Until January 18th the prosecutor’s office will be waiting for a response from me with regards to this. Chataev told me that he would call me in a few days and give me his reply”, - Andriashvili said.

We should remind that according to the official information of the Georgian Interior Ministry, as a result of the special operation in the Lopota gorge on September 7th, eleven members of the armed group were eliminated. Akhmed Chatev was arrested during this operation. He was charged according to first and second parts of 236 clause of the Criminal Code that refers to illegal purchase and possession of explosive devices and provides sentence from three to five years.

On the basis of the prosecutor’s appeal Chataev’s sentence was changed from imprisonment to 5 000 GEL bail.

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