Ankvab refused to sign the Abkhazian budget for 2013
09/01/2013 15:56

Ankvab returned the budget law of the separatist regime for 2013 to Abkhazian "parliament". He said this at the enlarged government meeting in the Tkvarcheli administration and explained his decision.

According to Ankvab, the cause was the appendix to the law, in which 840 million rubles of Russian financial aid have been divided into equal amounts among all districts and the city of Sukhumi, - said the information department of the Abkhazian "president".

"These 840 million rubles served as some kind of air bag, and every penny of this money was intended for cities and districts. All this was going to districts for certain investment projects that might be prioritized in a given period of time, "- said Ankvab.

He said that 80 million is too small an amount "for any of the smallest districts" and urged not to "engage in localism." According to Ankvab, to implement priorities set by the Abkhazian leadership "more than 100 billion rubles is needed at a time. It is almost two thousand kilometres of roads, numerous kilometres of pipeline and sewer lines. Huge figures are in the energy sector too. "

The Abkhazian "president" also noted that without Russian help it is impossible to raise salaries in the public sector. In conclusion, he reiterated that during the implementation of the priority projects special focus would be on Ochamchire and Tkvarcheli districts.

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