Ibragim Dudarov is tenth cleric killed in North Caucasus in 2012
28/12/2012 12:01

Deputy Head of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of North Ossetia, 34-year old Ibragim Dudarov is the tenth cleric killed in the North Caucasus just in 2012.

The Spiritual Directorate of Muslims cite his work as one of the versions of Dudarov’s killing, although many do not share his opinion.

Reporter of the Izvestya newspaper Orhan Jemal says that Dudarov who 5 years ago graduated from two religious high schools in El-Riyadh. He was a very level-headed person, did not interfere in the politics and militants had no problems with him. A course has been taken in the direction of cleansing the Republic of North Ossetia from Muslims and the young cleric became a victim of this policy – says Orhan Jemal.

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