Russian experts met ban on mentioning nationality of criminals in the media with criticism
24/12/2012 09:59

Chairman of the Moscow City Court Vladimir Platonov came out with an initiative to juridically ban the media to publish information about nationality, religion, and region of residence of criminals.

The initiative was launched by Vladimir Platonov at the meeting of the Council of legislators, which was attended by Vladimir Putin. The President said that he would support the idea if was presented to him as a legal document.

Experts reacted negatively to Platonov’s initiative and said that members of the media, resorting to different terminology, would still try or be forced to specify data on criminals that would aggravate attitude to the accused even further, because we all know that it is Caucasians that are mainly implied under this category.

According to experts, Caucasophobia in Russia has passed all bounds. But Platonov’s initiative won’t be able to improve the situation in this regard. Therefore, they consider it necessary the political leadership of the country to make a decision to carry out fundamental changes in this direction.

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