Abkhazian opposition demands to completely shut down Enguri bridge
21/12/2012 15:37

Yesterday the convention of the opposition party Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia took place in Sukhumi. There was only one question on the agenda - the socio-political, socio-economic situation in the country. The convention was attended by so-called prime minister of Abkhazia Leonid Lakerbaya who despite numerous request was not allowed to make a speech and head of the so-called president administration Beslan Kubrava.

The party member Roman Chirikba said that “the border between Georgia and Abkhazia should be shut down so that no one can cross over from any of the side to another”.

The party leader Raul Khajimba said that “questions that concern the party members are pressing and need solutions. Tendencies that are connected to inflation, severe division of the society into the rich and the poor, privatization of objects, sale of lands cause extreme concern, - says Khajimba.

Khajimba directly stated that “we have nothing to talk and negotiate about with Georgia and this position should be clearly stated” – said Khajimba.

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