Lakerbaya was not allowed to speak at FPUA convention
21/12/2012 09:53

Leadership of the Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia party has not allowed Abkhazian "prime minister "Leonid Lakerbaya to speak at the convention. This was announced by Lakerbaya himself after the convention. According to him, he twice asked the presidium to allow him to speak. The first note, according to the members of the presidium, had not reached them, and it was decided to allow the Prime Minister to make a speech only after passing the resolution, the first clause of which was a demand of "resignation of the cabinet of ministers of the Republic of Abkhazia and the formation of a new government based on broad representation of all political forces." Lakerbaya considered unreasonable to speak after the adoption of the resolution.

"One can treat me disrespectfully personally, but I am the prime minister of Abkhazia. I was going to speak and twice sent the note to the presidium. They could have allowed me to speak before the adoption of the resolution, as is usual practice. This is a simple human respect. I, on my part, respect views expressed at the convention that I am a "decorative head of the government." People have right to express their opinions, but even the "decorative prime minister" is entitled to speak, "- said Lakerbaya.

Yesterday, on December 20th, the convention of the political party "Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia took place in Sukhumi. There was one question on the agenda - "on the socio-political, socio-economic situation in the country." The convention was attended by 266 delegates from all parts of Abkhazia. The keynote speaker was chairman of the Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia party Raul Khajimba.

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