Gali population complains to Ankvab about its plight
20/12/2012 11:32

Population of Gali sent a letter to leader of the Abkhazian regime Alexander Ankvab, "prime minister" Leonid Lakerbaya, members of the Abkhazian "parliament", the head of administration and law enforcement agencies. It contains a request to alleviate their difficult situation. According to the residents of the village of Nabakevi, their present and already intolerable situation worsens by the day. This was reported by news agency

"Despite our written and oral appeal, our request, despite promises received from the top leadership of Abkhazia, for two years we have been waiting for opening of the checkpoint in Nabakevi. Our life is like that of prisoners. It is after all gross violation of human rights. For centuries we have had good economic, social and family relations with the neighbouring villages of Zugdidi district – Khurcha, Koki, Orsantiya, Shamgona. There never was any border between us. Now, we cannot understand where this border is. Everywhere here it is all dug up. Russian border guards tell us that the border line passes in a place where our cattle graze, where we collect fire wood, where our arable land is, and this places do not look like the border at all"- say locals.

According to them, they cannot use their land, plantations, corn fields. Children go to school on impassable roads, in the mud and pits. As residents of Nabakevi say, back in the pre-election period Ankvab promised them that the situation would be corrected. But on the contrary, the situation is deteriorating. According to them, Russian border guards do not let their children to school, so they are forced to walk around. According to locals, pupils think that they live in the Stone Age.

"On the territory of Nabakevi, near the village of Otobaya there was a bridge that was deliberately destroyed by Russian border guards. 22 families live on the other side of the bridge. They have to take a long round to go home. What right did they have to do this? What can we do, how to live? This is unfair. It's a shame, "- people say.

Nabakevi residents complain about the fact that Georgians and Abkhazians cannot directly communicate with each other, without the so-called Russian "intermediaries".

"Is it really impossible? Today everybody is aware that the conflict is between us, the war is a tragedy, and today no one is going to attack "- say people of Nabakevi.

In their own words, on a daily basis Russian border guards detain local residents on charges of illegally crossing the border, beat them and extort money in fines.

"Russians draw the border wherever they want. They are blocking the road, they are asking documents even from those whom they know in person. Is this normal? Many of them do not have documents. Most residents of the Gali district do not have documents. They submitted them to obtain Abkhazian passports back in 2009-2010 but they have not got it back yet. Some time ago at a checkpoint in Chuburkhinji Russians did not let an Ambulance and did not allow transporting of a seriously ill person. This case ended tragically. When a deceased was carried past the military base one of the military began shouting that we were supposedly holding a parade. It's not humane, it is criminal. It is impossible to tolerate. Help us "- say the people.

According to locals, the Gali population demands the same rights as other citizens of Abkhazia have.

"We urge you to take measures," – the residents of Nabakevi say in the letter.

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