Separatists demand exchange of prisoners according to the all for all principle
19/12/2012 10:24

Exchange of Georgian and Ossetian prisoners should take place according to the all for all principle. This statement was made by Tskhinvali representative Khokh Gagloyti at a meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms working group held in Ergneti yesterday.

"At the meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms working group, we raised the issue of exchange of Georgian and South Ossetian prisoners according to the principle of all for all and not to any other," - said Gagloyty.

At the same time, Gagloyty demanded the status of political prisoners for residents of Tskhinvali region arrested for various crimes.

"South Ossetian citizens who are in Georgian prisons today are political prisoners" - said Gagloyty.

"Given the fact that the current Prime Minister of Georgia Bidzina Ivanishvili called the war in 2008 criminal and criticized actions of the government of Georgia of the time", - says Gagloyty.

According to him, today, five citizens of Georgia are serving sentences in the occupied territory of the Tskhinvali region, while the number of so-called Tskhinvali prisoners serving sentences in the rest of Georgia, is 13 people, two of whom are seriously ill.

Although the Georgian side denies presence of Mr. Tuaev in a prison in Georgia, we have information that he is there, - said Gagloyty.

It should be noted that the Georgian leadership does not intend to discuss the issue of transfer of Ossetian prisoners serving sentences in Georgian prisons to the Ossetian side. This was stated by the head of the Georgian delegation Kakha Kemoklidze.

"The issue of transfer is not on the agenda ", - said Kemoklidze.

According to him, "these people are accused of crime of the utmost gravity, including the terrorist attack that killed Georgian policemen."

"A detailed investigation was carried out on all these issues”, - said the head of the delegation.

The next meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms working group is scheduled for January 29, 2013.

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