Gali district turning into a military town
17/12/2012 10:09

The so-called border of Abkhazia with the rest of Georgia is controlled by Russian border guards only. Abkhazian so-called guards only perform supervisory functions. Intensive construction of Russian bases is under way in the Gali district. There are plans to move the Gali market from Gali to the village of Achigvara on the border with Ochamchire district in the near future. Gali administration will be relocated in the village of Pirveli Gali of the Gali district. It was reported by

According to informed sources in the Gali district, the Gali district territory is being cleared as it planned to turn it into a military town. "Military town along the border - this is a big plan of the Russian occupants that they are gradually implementing. A few days ago part of the urban population was informed about eviction. A military airport will be built in the centre of the city. That is why on the orders of the Russian military Ankvab drives out international organizations"- the source said. As Georgians - residents of the Gali district say, each day living in Gali becomes more and more unbearable. Russian occupants oppress not only Georgians, but Abkhazians too. The interest of Russian occupants today is mainly directed to the Gali district, as completion of construction of the military town by the end of 2013 is planned there.

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