Irakli Alasania: No illusions regarding Russia
12/12/2012 11:41

An interview with Georgian Defence Minister Irakli Alasania was published in the Russian magazine Ogonyok. Among other concerns the topic of Georgian-Russian relations was also raised in the interview.

According to Alasania, the Georgian government has no illusions regarding Russia. According to him, first of all, Georgia needs to fully establish trade and cultural relations. Also, both sides need to get rid of the image of the enemy.

Irakli Alasania said Russia is ready for this, so the Georgian side is taking positive steps, as Georgia wants to have friendly and not hostile relations with its neighbour. According to him, in the strategic point of view for Russia it is also important to have a friendly and stable neighbour in the face of Georgia. According to the minister, a great deal of time would be needed to develop relationships.

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