Yaganov: "Anything can be expected from Abkhazian leadership, but nothing good"
10/12/2012 14:44

Ibragim Yaganov does not understand "why the Abkhazian leadership voluntarily took on the mission to prove that there was no Circassian genocide." This was stated by the well-known Circassian public figure, head of the organization Adyghe Khase in an interview with told News.Ge, noting that Circassian activists were “very depressed and disappointed by this”.

As Yaganov stressed, "in this situation, regarding the Circassian issue and recognition of the genocide of the Circassian people in the Russian-Caucasian war Abkhazia and its leader just needed to keep quiet. Just keep emphatically silent and not to speak on the subject”.

At that he did not agree with the opinion that the cause of the scandalous statements of Abkhazian leader Alexander Ankvab on the Circassian subject is lack of information.

"I think that Ankvab just does not need this information - said Yaganov - He, by and large, we can say, is not free. In Abkhazia, there is no freedom, no independence or statehood”. Therefore, "we simply cannot talk of the position of the Abkhazian side of any kind here", besides "all this hysteria is generously paid for."

The leader of Adyghe Khase also noted that "Ankvab just trying to somehow shut out from all these problems to please the Kremlin. Today relations with the North Caucasian peoples, any contacts simply hamper Ankvab in all things, which are now taking place in Abkhazia - roughly speaking, "development" of financial means which Abkhazia receives ".

Ibragim Yaganov is convinced that in the near future the Abkhazian side should not expect recognition of the Circassian genocide and the issue will not even be raised "while this administration is in power." According to him, "now anything can be expected from the leadership of Abkhazia, but nothing good."

"So I would really like to close the Abkhazian subject for myself - it is very painful for me," - said Yaganov who has the title of Hero of Abkhazia for participation in the Abkhazian war of 1992-1993 on the side of the separatists (he commanded the detachment of volunteers "Kabarda").

"I and many of my comrades saw ourselves as winners in the war of 1992, but the results of the 20-year old post-war period have shown that we have completely lost the war - said Ibragim Yaganov. - The results of this war - what we see today in Abkhazia - have nothing to do with what we fought for then. "

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