Small bridge will connect Zugdidi and Gali
30/11/2012 11:16

Entering the territory of Abkhazia has always been associated with problems. People crossed into the territory of Gali using detour roads, sometimes even secretly. According to the Rezonansi newspaper, in December construction of a small bridge that will link together Zugdidi and Gali will be completed. But in the beginning only would provide for transport movement.

We should remind that the opening of the road connecting the Gali district with the rest of Georgia was a campaign promise of the leader of Abkhazia Alexander Ankvab. One year after the election it appears that checkpoints will be opened on January 1st. And these checkpoints will be controlled by only Russians, so movement will not be free.

Crossing of the line of occupation will not become more complicated. Gali population will be able to cross over into Zugdidi without a passport and free of charge. They will just need to present a proof of residence. This concerns the Gali population, but residents of Tkvarcheli and Gagra will not be able to cross the border without an Abkhazian passport and visa fees for them will be equivalent of 5 GEL.

As it was noted above, first Ankvab promised to open the checkpoint, which would ensure the movement of people using transport, but now the road is open only for pedestrians. According to the population, the authorities do not want movement of goods, and any kind of economic relations.

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