Moscow pushes Abkhazia to self-isolation
29/11/2012 13:38
Irakli Tskitishvili
Experts' club

The leader of the puppet regime of Abkhazia Alexander Ankvab encourages foreign diplomats to come to the occupied region via the Psou checkpoint and not the Enguri one as it has always been done. Ankvab said this yesterday, at a meeting with his foreign minister Vyacheslav Chirikba.

As Apsnypress reports, during the meeting Ankvab and Chirikba discussed issues related to conduction of the Geneva discussions. They also discussed the issue of visits of Western diplomats to Abkhazia.

It should be noted that in case of foreign diplomats visiting the occupied region of Georgia via the Psou checkpoint they will enter Georgia through violation of its borders, respectively, will become subject to relevant sanctions. As we know, no one in the world, except for a few countries, recognizes the independence of the Russian-occupied Georgian region. And the European Union officially pursues the policy of non-recognition.

It must also be stressed that such policy of other occupied region of Georgia - Tskhinvali resulted in its self-imposed isolation, and it was left alone with its problems and Russia's imperial ambitions. We should remind that at the time the Tskhinvali regime restricted access to foreign workers and diplomats to its territory, pointing to the need for them to enter via the Roki checkpoint. Apparently, Moscow decided to repeat this scenario in Abkhazia too.

Russia's actions, as the Club of Experts has already noted, aim at forcing international organizations out of the region and reducing international activity in the occupied region, especially ahead of the Sochi Olympics. By the way, these actions contradict previously repeatedly declared by the Sukhumi regime "Abkhazian interests" which imply expanding the range of international contacts. The same was declared the other day at a meeting between the Mayor of Sukhumi and the Mayor of Turkish town of Side. Then Alias Labakhua stated that he sees Turkey as a gateway to the world for Abkhazia, which is vitally important for them.

But Russia has its own interests. And those interests include, first of all, complete isolation of the occupied regions from the outside world, so that these regions are completely dependent on Russia, and only Russia. By the way, in this case the issue of security of the Olympics is important only partly, and mainly it is used as a cover for real objectives of Moscow.

The fact that starting from the new year Abkhazians will be completely forced out of the territory adjacent to the Abkhazian occupation line on the river Enguri can be seen as another step in this direction. This already causes concern of the local Abkhazian population and the Georgian one as well. But unlike Georgians, Abkhazians do not want to express protest about this themselves and are asking Georgians to do this. Local people cautiously suppose that if movement of people and goods over the line of occupation is fully blocked, the Gali district may be gradually abandoned as it will be very difficult to live there and people will have to leave the area. In this case, it will be completely transformed into a giant Russian military base and this will not be in the interests of either the Georgian population of the Gali area, or Tbilisi and Sukhumi.

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