Central bridge over the Enguri to close in a few days
27/11/2012 09:46

According to the command of the Russian armed forces deployed in Abkhazia, it is planned to repair the central bridge over the Enguri. For this reason, in a few days the bridge will be closed for vehicle and passenger traffic, - the Kavkaz Press reported.

As Russian occupants state, the bridge is amortized and is in urgent need of rehabilitation. Although in reality no one knows the reasons why the Russian military intend to conduct rehabilitation works. During the period of rehabilitation works, population will have to use a road passing through the village of Saberio of the Tsalenjikha district and this will further complicate their situation. In this regard, population of villages of the lower zone of the Gali district will be especially affected as they will have to take a long road detour.

According to the widespread version, the Russian military want to declare Gali a military town. And they plan to relocate the administration of the city and all city services to the territory of the village of Rechkhi and entry to Gali will be possible only with a pass. This fact has caused irritation of Abkhazians and they are asking Georgians living in Gali to support them and prevent the Russian military from realising their goals.

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