New military settlement to be built for occupants in Tskhinvali
22/11/2012 10:13

A new residential military settlement of a barrack type is planned to be ready by the first half of next year for Russian occupation troops in Tskhinvali region of Georgia. This settlement will house more than 400 military.

By this time, it is planned to construct and put into operation 6 one-storey comfortable barracks, equipped with leisure and sports facilities, as well as offices for officers.

The barracks are being built of modern environmentally friendly building materials and complement the existing service infrastructure of military bases. Currently works in four barracks have been completed and internal works are being done in other two. Along with the construction of residential barracks the territory around it is also being done.

It is also planned to build a kindergarten, a centre of cultural events as well as comprehensive classes for personnel combat training on the territory of the military unit.

The number of troops of the Russian military base will not change because of the construction.

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