73 people moved from Syria to Abkhazia
24/09/2012 10:23

The Abkhazian regime reported about return of 73 people from Syria to their homeland. According to Abkhazian authorities, 53 of them have already received so-called Abkhazian citizenship. The question of those remaining is still being considered.

It was also reported that 12 families (25 people) received well-furnished apartments; one family (three people) received a well-refurbished house. Almost all returnees have been employed. Six people enrolled for the preparatory department of Abkhazian State University. Five children became students of Sukhumi lyceum, three – Sukhumi schools.

Next week the Abkhazian regime expects arrival of another 30 people.

Meanwhile, three disgruntled families left Sukhumi and went back to Syria. Also, those immigrants who are not Abkhazians have difficulties with obtaining so-called citizenship. This causes additional frustration of those returning from Syria who often have Kabardian wives. But on this the Sukhumi regime prefers to remain silent.

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