Abkhazian priests are unhappy with the regime
27/07/2012 09:54

Council of pagan priests of Abkhazia intends to challenge actions of the Abkhazian regime in connection with removal of references to the pagan religion of Abkhazians from the draft law on religion. In this regard, the council intends to make a formal appeal-warning to the leadership of the regime on "power of Abyzhnykh they have forgotten and that for centuries kept our land from dark internal and external forces, that they should not cross the line beyond which starts universal confusion and excitement of people." This was written by certain Khadzhara Khvartskia on Facebook.

According to him, for the first time in the history of Abkhazia there is a chance to legalize paganism and give it an "official status", but the current regime opposes this. Khvartskia characterizes the religious situation in Abkhazia as follows: "Christianity in Abkhazia appears in crisis, which resulted in a split of the society, Islam teaches its ideals, while our priests are set aside modestly as an unnecessary anachronism, for the time being," and then he asks - "Who do they bother so much today? "

As reported in the comments on this post, the authors of the draft decided to leave the reference "of the ancient Abkhazian religion" in the preamble apparently in order to avoid priests declaring anathema on them.

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