Varov’s Business in Abkhazia - over?
11/07/2012 12:37

The saga of activities of Russian Businessman-troublemaker Igor Varov in Abkhazia seems to be coming to an end. His business in Gagra - supermarket "Continent" was closed by co-founders. This information was published on the Internet by Abkhazian Journalist Isida Chania.

According to her, supermarket “Continent” has a sign saying "Continent is closed for technical reasons". Son of the late Sergei Bagapsh was also involved in closing the supermarket.

We should remind that persecution of Igor Varov in Abkhazia began since the time of Sergei Bagapsh leadership. Reasons for persecution were Varov’s uncomplimentary remarks against the Bagapsh regime, harassment of Russian business, lawlessness, and attitude towards Russians in Abkhazia.

After this, Varov found himself in a lot of trouble. At first criminal proceedings were instituted against him, and then he was mercilessly beaten up by co-founders. A corresponding video material of his beating was published on the Internet. Many Russian businessmen engaged in business activities in Abkhazia, consider the Varov matter as a general attitude to the Russian business, and many of them have already fled the occupied region of Georgia.

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