Alleged organizer of the double attack in Makhachkala killed
16/05/2012 09:39

According to the National Anti-Terrorist Committee, as a result of a special operation on May 15th in Makhachkala and Kumtorkalsky areas a native and resident of the village of Novokuli of the Kumtorkalsky district Hussein Mamaev, born in 1988 known under the name Hamza who was considered "Emir of Makhachkala" was killed.

According to this information Hussein Mamaev was proclaimed organizer of the double terrorist attack of May 3rd in Dagestan's capital, during which 13 police officers were killed and more than 100 people were seriously injured.

A position of Mamaev’s relatives on possibility of his involvement in organizing the terrorist attack of May 3rd is not yet known.

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