Russia limits transport links with Tskhinvali for 3 years
24/04/2012 09:37

Today at noon, border Roki tunnel will be closed for repairs. TRANSKAM - the only highway connecting Russia and the occupied Tskhinvali region of Georgia passes through it.

As head of the Tskhinvali Emergency Situations ministry Anatoly Bibilov told the agency RES, transport traffic will move through an additional technological gallery by reverse scheme. Direction of traffic towars Tskhinvali or Russia will be changed every 3 hours.

It should be noted that Moscow decided to close the Roki tunnel for a 3-year renovation, without notifying Tskhinvali. Bibilov said about this last week. Now he says that "for two weeks monitoring will be carried out," and it will show whether it is possible to close the main tunnel for such a long period of time.

We also learned that the new head of the Tskhinvali regime of Leonid Tibilov had to personally discuss the timing of closing of the Roki tunnel with the head of Russia's department of the North Caucasian federal roads Gaioz Makiev. They agreed on the two-week test mode, which led to the appearance of messages about delay in closing the tunnel for this period.

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