Armed resistance continues in Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkaria
19/04/2012 10:31

On April 18th, as a result of armed conflict between militants and security forces one policeman was killed and another was badly injured in Dagestan, near the village of Kvanada of the Tsumadinsky district.

On the same night an armed incident happened in the Khasavyurt district of Dagestan – operative workers tried to detain a car, but people sitting in it opened fire at law enforcement officers, and were killed by return fire. According to police, all those killed allegedly are members of Khasavyurt militant group.

The same day an attack was carried out in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria on police major, worker of the interior ministry headquarters, resulting in the law enforcer getting a gunshot wound. Return fire wounded an attacker and they were both taken to hospital.

The media did not report about the raid of April 16 on the border between Chechnya and Dagestan, during which one alleged gunman was killed, and two managed to escape to the mountain-forest terrain of the Novolaksky district.

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