22/01/2013 14:08
Ankvab: “foreign passports should be used to cross into Abkhazia from the Georgian side”

Leader of the Abkhazian puppet regime Alxander Ankvab announced new terms for Georgian citizens to cross the occupation line.

Ankvab said that the procedure of crossing of the Georgian-Abkhazian border “is very strict” now. According to him “a list of documents, that enable to cross the state border, has been compiled”.

“Residents of the Gali district mainly have form 19 that have tens of seals on it. Step by step we encourage people to get used to order and the fact that at the crossing of the state border their data are definitely entered into the computer database. Thanks to this situation on the border has significantly improved, “- said Ankvab and noted that this March three more checkpoints will be opened and a decision on this has already been approved.

“For those who cross the state border without bad intentions this will make the procedure easier”, - said Ankvab and noted that those who cross the occupation line from the side of Zugdidi, should present foreign passports.

“This is the state border and foreigners should cross it using foreign passports”, - said the Leader of the separatists.