21/01/2013 12:10
Question of restoration of Ergneti market is in the process of development

According to the Vice-Speaker of the Georgina Parliament Zviad Dzidziguri, the idea of the restoration of the Ergneti market has already been voiced in the Georgian Dream coalition, but legislative changes are needed for its realisation.

As Dzidziguri said at a press conference on January 10th, the Ergneti market had great importance and multiple purposes.

"At this time certain relationships have developed between Georgian and Ossetian peoples. It is impossible to set up the Ergneti market from an empty place, as it requires legal and economic calculations. When work on this will begin, the last word will be up to the government and the prime minister. We had a conversation on this topic in the coalition. The issue is still under development, "- said the legislator.