21/01/2013 11:43
Russians used as slaves in Abkhazia

The prosecutor's office of Rostov region informed about the end of the regional court hearing of the criminal case against Mikhail Yasinsky, Vasily Kudryashov and Alexander Rodionov of committing crimes under the Russian Criminal Code (participation in a criminal organization, human trafficking and use of slave labour).

The Court found that these individuals were members of a criminal group, organized by a citizen of the Republic of Abkhazia for human trafficking and use of slave labour for the purpose of financial gain. The criminal organization operated in the Rostov region and Abkhazia from January to September 2010.

Total of 10 people, residents of the Rostov region were victims of criminal actions of the accused. Under the pretext of providing high-paying jobs they were transported to the territory of Abkhazia. Then their passports were taken away from them and Russian citizens were forced to do various work without pay. The profit was shared between the members of the organized criminal group.

For the use of slave labour the Rostov regional court sentenced Yasinsky, Kudryashov and Rodionov to different times (from 9 to 12 years) in prison.

The criminal case against the organizer of the criminal organization (citizen of Abkhazia) was instituted separately.