21/01/2013 10:37
Social bread price rises in Tskhinvali

Prices of so-called "social bread" (loaf weighing 600 grams) are rising in the occupied Tskhinvali region. Its price will be 13 rubles for population, and 15 rubles for state-funded organizations. This was stated by the representative of the puppet regime Zalina Khugati.

According to her, at a price of 13 rubles it will be possible to reduce subsidies to Klebokombinat to 14 million rubles a year.

As Director of the Tskhinvali bread-baking plant Vadim Tskhovrebov told RSOnews now the average price for a sack of flour weighing 50 kilograms is 830 rubles. When importing flour from Russia across the border and the Roki tunnel discount on value added tax (VAT) of 10% is activated, but in reality it is "eaten" by transport and other related costs.