25/09/2012 14:43
Medoyev recognized formal nature of Tskhinvali "independence"

The so-called "South Ossetia" is not going to be part of Russia - but intends integrate with Russia's North Ossetia to the maximum - Tskhinvali "ambassador" in Moscow Dmitry Medoyev said on the air of a weekly program "Conversation with Konstantin Kosachev" on Voice of Russia. He said that "the most important for South Ossetia today is to maintain an independent status and maximally integrate with North Ossetia in the field of culture, economics, finance, and so on."

After the occupation of the Tskhinvali region of Georgia by Russian troops in August 2008, as Medoyev noted "there are no barriers to communication, movement, living together of relatives in a community ... One can make a paradoxical conclusion that the recognition of the independence of South Ossetia Ossetian removes the question of unification as such. Political issue goes somewhere far away, and it is irrelevant. "

Thus Dmitry Medoyev actually recognized formality of incorporation of "South Ossetia" into the Russian Federation which already fully controls the occupied region of Georgia. Reluctance to bring the formal procedure to the end can be explained by a desire of the Tskhinvali "elite" to have a longer leash than the one on which Moscow keeps leaders in Vladikavkaz and other regions of the Russian Federation.