18/07/2012 10:28
Apliaa: Paganism finished in Abkhazia

The draft law on religion, which was to be adopted in Abkhazia, has been changed. Now paganism, as a possible "state" religion is not considered there. This was declared by self-appointed head of the church organization of Abkhazia Vissarion Apliaa in response to information of our expert Irakli Tskitishvili that according to the project in Abkhazia, Orthodoxy, Islam and traditional paganism should become “state" religions.

As stated by Apliaa, "it was just a project created by one of our scientists, but in the form in which it was originally presented it would not be introduced into the Parliament. All this is cancelled." According to him, he managed to convince "parliamentarians" to emphasize the role of Orthodoxy in the life of Abkhazians, and that Abkhazia should become a secular "state."

Apliaa has a pretty sceptical attitude to paganism. According to him, and paganism had long been finished and on the pagan holy places Abkhazians built Orthodox churches long time ago. Traditional Abkhazian religion is Christian Orthodoxy – Apliaa says.

"Paganism is people's verbal tradition and folklore. It has always been, and it should be noted that even" pagan” beliefs of Abkhazians were monotheistic, rather than polytheistic as many other nations. Christianity is great culture that all peoples living on this planet should take as a starting point. This is a written religion as Christ commanded his disciples to go and teach all nations, and teach them in writing, Christianity is religion of the scriptures, "- says Apliaa.