28/05/2012 14:20
Two Abkhazian militants and a resident of Nabakevi shot in Gali

Three people were killed this morning in the Gali district of occupied Abkhazia. According to the so-called attorney general of the separatists, it happened at 11.40 am at a local café Zolushka.

In particular, two unidentified men ran into the cafe and opened fire with Kalashnikov 7.62 mm machine guns. They shot and killed major of the Abkhazian police of the Gali district Leonid Kvitsinia born in 1953, district detective of the criminal investigation department Devi Buava was born in 1975 and a resident of Gali village of Nabakevi Gultaz Kolbaya born in 1957.

After that the assailants ran from the cafe through the back door and fled in a blue Volga car.