30/04/2012 14:23
Abkhazia wants to settle refugees from Syria in houses of Georgian refugees

This year arrival of 90 refugees from Syria - descendants of Muhajirs, who left the Caucasus in the 19th century due to the colonization of their lands by the Russian Empire, is expected in occupied Abkhazia. In Sukhumi they state about returnees-Abkhazians although according to the Circassian organizations there is no Abkhazian diaspora in Syria, and local descendants of Muhajirs are Circassians.

The head of the regional department of the Abkhazian foreign ministry Inar Gitsba stated that "a hot line” was created with the Consular Service of the Russian Embassy in Syria in order to simplify the process of receipt of Russian transit visas for those returning."

According to her, "after returning for four months returnees will be living in hotels, then they will be offered housing in the Gulripsh district. It is planned to teach them Abkhazian and Russian languages, so that children can go to school and adults - find jobs. "

Since the budget of the Abkhazian separatists cannot afford not even elementary improvement of the streets of Sukhumi, not to mention construction of houses, one must assume that they will offer immigrants from Syria the only housing that is available to the Abkhazian regime - houses of Georgians expelled from Abkhazia. And that would be another case of gross violation of human rights and international humanitarian norms in the Russian-occupied region.